The Survivors Club – Book Review


Ben Sherwood conducted research on how some people mange to survive traumatic events that have a high rate of fatality.

He interviewed survivors, talked to doctors, and other researchers and then he complied his findings in a book titled The Survivors Club.  He also explains how people can improve their chances of survival during a crisis event.

I thought it was an interesting book.


Pennies on the Bathroom Floor

In 2012, I decided to use pennies to tile my bathroom floor.

It took a little over 5,000 pennies to cover the floor.  The pennies were covered by a two-part epoxy-resin to seal them and provide a shiny finish.

All the pennies are face up and facing the same direction.  In case you are wondering, the pennies are facing away from the toilet, so Abraham Lincoln is not watching using the bathroom.  After all, privacy is important.

Floor 1         Floor 2   Penny Floor 1    Penny Floor 2

Grit to Great – A Book Review


I bought this book, because author’s last name is the same as mine.  Thaler is not a common name.  I have never met a Thaler that I am not directly related to.

This book teaches the importance of grit or perseverance in your life.  It filled with real life examples and advice on how to apply the principles to your life.

I really enjoyed the book and I give an A+

Christmas Jokes


My favorite jokes from this book are:

  • Q: Who sings, “Love me tender,” and makes Christmas toys?
  • A: Santa’s Little Elvis 


  • Q: What was the hairdresser’s favorite Christmas song?
  • A: Oh comb all ye faithful 


  • Q: Why did the reindeer wear sunglasses at the beach?
  • A: Because he didn’t want to be recognized


  • Q: How does Santa Claus take pictures?
  • A: With his North Pole-aroid