Teenager Driving My Jeep


This is a picture of a teenager driving my Jeep.  What was I thinking?

When Gwen asked if she could drive my Jeep, I admit I had a few reservations.  She is only 18 years old, so she doesn’t have a lot of driving experience.  However, I decided to let her drive the Jeep to the store and I would ride along with her.

Before leaving the driveway, I gave her a few tips.  Obviously, the Jeep is much larger than her car.  I told her, it is going to feel weird and maybe a bit intimidating when you are driving it.

Also, the Jeep has an 8 cylinder 5.7 litter engine with a HEMI.  That’s a lot of power, so be careful not to hit the gas pedal to hard or we may end up in the ditch across the street.

After my short lecture, we were off to the store.  Gwen followed my advice and did an excellent job.  I think she was a bit nervous driving the Jeep, but I think she also enjoyed the experience.


Who Am I?

Who am I?

That is an interesting question.  There are a lot of labels that could be used to describe me.

I am white.  It’s easy to see I am predominately of European descent.  However, that’s not all I am.  My DNA test show, I am also 19% Southwest Asian and 2% East African.

What other labels are there for me?

I am a woman.  I am middle aged.  I am American.  I am a free-spirit.  I am studious.  I am independent.  I am a book reader.  I am a watcher of documentaries.  I am a lot of things, but I am not just a bunch of labels that may be used to describe me.

I am a unique person.  I am unique in my genetic makeup.  I am unique in my personal history and environment.  I am a unique combination of things that makes me different from everyone else in the wold.  I am a one-of-a-kind person and no label could adequately describe me.

That’s who I am.




War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

At times, War Horse was a bit difficult to read.  I wanted to reach into the story, grab a few of the characters, and whack them on the head for being cruel or ignorant.  However, all in all it is an excellent story.

The book takes a hard look at dealing with adversity, how friendships help with overcoming struggles, the tenacity required to fight for someone you love (even if your efforts seem wasted), and it explores the power of the human-animal bond.

This is definitely a book worth reading.