A Stranger’s Memorial Service

A few weeks ago, I went to a memorial service for a man who I didn’t know.  I went, because my mom knew him and didn’t want to go alone.

I had no expectations and thought I would be bored.  However, I was impacted by the service.  I listened to the people talking about this man’s character.  The message was the same from each person.  They said he had a “heart of gold” and he made a huge impact on their lives.  They spoke with great emotion and sincerity.

I felt a desire to change my life, so I could have such an impact on the world around me.  I wish I had known this man and I wish I could talk to him now.  He must have been a wonderful person.

2 thoughts on “A Stranger’s Memorial Service

  1. Kathy Moebes says:

    You have already achieved that, mostly because you are you and go out of your way to make the lives around you better; especially fur-babies, and aunts, a nice, cousins,… Thank you for being you.


  2. Judy Porter says:

    Judy Porter,
    Lynn, everything that was said about Terry is true. I worked with Terry in St. Louis and at Redstone Arsenal. He had more knowledge than any other person I worked with. He was one of the smartest, kindest people I’ve ever known. I feel blessed to have known him.


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