Catering to NHPs

I am hearing impaired and I live in a fairly quiet world.  If I am not wearing my hearing aids, sounds that may be painfully loud to normal hearing people (NHPs) may be barely audible to me.  Even with hearing aids, I still don’t have the same level of hearing as NHPs.

All my life, I have been catering to NHPs.  They don’t like it when I slam doors, speak loudly, or turn up the TV as loud as I can.  Since I spend most of my days surrounded by NHPs, I comply with their wishes.  I try not to upset them or cause pain to their ears.

However, when I am alone these rules no longer apply.  If you ever see me driving with the stereo so loud that my side mirrors are vibrating, that means I am not catering to NHPs that moment.

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