Prayer vs Meditation

A prayer invokes the power of an outside force and it can be offered to a supreme being or to the universe in general.  The person praying may be asking for something or expressing concern or may just be trying to communicate with a higher power.


Meditation involves focusing on one thing, such as breathing, a mantra, sounds, or anything else that the person desires.  In meditation the goal is to silent the mind and relax the body.  There is no attempt to communicate with an outside power.


Both Prayer and meditation have benefits.  They can relax the body and promote a feeling of calmness.  In today’s hectic world this could have a positive impact on your life.

3 thoughts on “Prayer vs Meditation

    • That’s a tough question. Since I see prayer as actively trying to achieve something and meditation as an inactive attempt at emptying self, I would have to say “no.”

      What are your thoughts on the subject?


  1. jf says:

    I’m not really sure, honestly. I spend time practicing both. Sometimes, I feel as if I am pulled into a topic while meditating. Some will say this is losing the direction of meditation, but I’m not sure. Emptying self, for me, is a prerequisite for finding substance. I am quite certain, though, that there are numerous paths that lead to the same beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing your input!


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