There’s a Map for That

If you want to know about precipitation levels or other weather related information for a specific area, use a climate map.

Economic and resource maps will show what natural resources and economic opportunities are available for a region.

Physical maps can be used to distinguish physical features (mountains, rivers, or lakes).

Political maps show the boundary lines for things like countries, states, or counties.

If you need directions or if you want to plan a trip, then a road map would be an excellent choice.

Topographic maps use contoured lines to show the shape and elevation of the land.

Thematic maps will illustrate a certain topic or theme, such as population growth.

Genealogist can use plat maps or land maps to determine past and current land ownership information.  Plat maps also come in handy when moving to a new subdivision, so you can learn the layout and number of houses in your neighborhood.




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