Fire of ’87

In 1987, on Halloween night, our house caught on fire.

The fire started in the attic, because two hot wires touched and set off a spark.  We didn’t know about it, until the neighbor started banging on our door and yelling about flames coming from the roof.  We all ran out of the house, about ten minutes later the ceilings caved into the living room and dining room.

The local volunteer fire department arrived to battle the blaze.  While they were working, my brother and I sat in the front yard and watched.  I don’t remember much of what I was thinking or feeling at that time.  I was a bit numb.  I guess you can say I was in a state of shock.

I was 14 when this happened.  Every Halloween night, I still think back on the events of that day.

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The Invisible Ice Cream Truck

We had just finished bobbing for apples.  Everyone was laughing about the experience while eating their apples.  My niece raised up her head and said she could hear something that sounded like a music box.  We all agreed it must be an ice cream truck.  Since Gwen grew up on farmland, she never had an ice cream truck go through her neighborhood.  Gwen and I decided to try to catch up with the truck.

We went out into the yard, but could not see the truck.  It had already move on to the next stop.  Gwen said she could still hear it, so the two of us took off in search of the ice cream truck.  Gwen was running (with nothing but socks on her feet) and I was jogging behind her.  I never run, so I was getting pretty winded, but we both refused to stop our search.

We went up a couple of blocks, took a short cut around a lake (running through mud) then went several more blocks, but still could not locate the ice cream truck.  We had covered the entire subdivision and was standing near the entrance, when Gwen said she could hear the ice cream truck and it was in the subdivision next to us.

Unfortunately, we never did catch up with the ice cream truck.  We walked back to the house, laughing about the whole experience.  The next time Gwen hears the ice cream truck, I am taking the Jeep.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about that in the first place.

Item Value

I wonder how certain items get assigned a value so high that people will camp outside a store, sometimes in freezing weather, just to get a chance to buy the item.

There was even a case involving a WalMart employee being trampled to death on Black Friday, just so people could buy stuff on sale.

I truly don’t understand this mentality.

These people really need to get a life.  Why do they think buying cheap stuff is so important?

Jack and Jill – The Rest of the Story

Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.  Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

Now here is the rest of the story.

Jack and Jill went to their boss and requested worker’s comp.  The boss pulled out their time reports and stated, “You were not working for me on the day in question.”  Timesheets must be completed every day.  You failed to sign in and out, so you have no reason to pout.

Jack and Jill had to go to the hospital to receive treatment for a concussion.  They learned a lesson that day.  If you fail to complete your timesheets, there will be repercussions.  Now Jack and Jill owe the hospital thousands of dollars, which they must pay.  Jack and Jill were very sad and mad at one another.  They never spoke again and the friendship came to an end.

V-Day is Coming

At one point in my life, I was a vegetarian.  It went well for about a year, but I stopped paying attention to the amount of protein I was consuming.  I developed a bad sinus infection and was really struggling to recover.  I ate chicken fingers to get the high levels of protein I needed to boost my immune system.  Unfortunately, that was the end of my vegetarian days.

I miss being a vegetarian and I have decided to try it again.  I plan to start on 1 November, so this week I will being shopping for the food staples that I will need.

I know some people will wonder why I even want to try being a vegetarian again.  There are three main reasons:

  1.  It is a personal protest against factory farming.
  2. I like knowing at the end of the day, an animal doesn’t have to die for me to live.
  3. Animals are my friends and I prefer not to eat my friends.