My Day at the Library

One of the items on my bucket list was to spend an entire day at the library (open to close).

I spent the day reading, writing, and watching the other patrons.  My lunch was delivered to me by my mom (Rita Thaler) and my niece (Gwen Thaler).  I ate in the parking lot and talked with them for a brief time.

At times the library was busy and at other times it was empty.  However, no matter what was going on around me, there was a sense of peace.  There is something about being surrounded by books that just causes me to feel calm.

The most notable thing about my trip was seeing how much the librarian worked.

  • She talked with regular patrons
  • Helped people use the computer
  • Picked up books and other stuff left lying around
  • Policed patrons for being to loud
  • Gently admonished boisterous children
  • Answered the phone
  • Helped people locate books
  • Gave book recommendations
  • Completed paperwork and did filing
  • Ran the bookstore located in the library

I really enjoyed my day and will probably do it again.

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