V-Day is Coming

At one point in my life, I was a vegetarian.  It went well for about a year, but I stopped paying attention to the amount of protein I was consuming.  I developed a bad sinus infection and was really struggling to recover.  I ate chicken fingers to get the high levels of protein I needed to boost my immune system.  Unfortunately, that was the end of my vegetarian days.

I miss being a vegetarian and I have decided to try it again.  I plan to start on 1 November, so this week I will being shopping for the food staples that I will need.

I know some people will wonder why I even want to try being a vegetarian again.  There are three main reasons:

  1.  It is a personal protest against factory farming.
  2. I like knowing at the end of the day, an animal doesn’t have to die for me to live.
  3. Animals are my friends and I prefer not to eat my friends.


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