The Invisible Ice Cream Truck

We had just finished bobbing for apples.  Everyone was laughing about the experience while eating their apples.  My niece raised up her head and said she could hear something that sounded like a music box.  We all agreed it must be an ice cream truck.  Since Gwen grew up on farmland, she never had an ice cream truck go through her neighborhood.  Gwen and I decided to try to catch up with the truck.

We went out into the yard, but could not see the truck.  It had already move on to the next stop.  Gwen said she could still hear it, so the two of us took off in search of the ice cream truck.  Gwen was running (with nothing but socks on her feet) and I was jogging behind her.  I never run, so I was getting pretty winded, but we both refused to stop our search.

We went up a couple of blocks, took a short cut around a lake (running through mud) then went several more blocks, but still could not locate the ice cream truck.  We had covered the entire subdivision and was standing near the entrance, when Gwen said she could hear the ice cream truck and it was in the subdivision next to us.

Unfortunately, we never did catch up with the ice cream truck.  We walked back to the house, laughing about the whole experience.  The next time Gwen hears the ice cream truck, I am taking the Jeep.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about that in the first place.

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