I Have Dyslexia

I was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult.  When I received the diagnosis, everything suddenly made sense.  At that moment I understood why I struggled to learn to read as a child, even though I love reading.  I also know why I never could differentiate between my right and my left side.  It’s good to know, my atrocious spelling is a symptom of dyslexia and not a reflection of my intellectual abilities.

In elementary school my teacher read “Superfudge” to the classroom.  I loved the book and wanted to read more books by the same author.  That’s what drove me to keep reading, no matter how much of a struggle it was in the beginning.

In middle school my English teacher asked everyone to write an essay about what we did over the summer break.  When he read my paper he realized there was something wrong.  My spelling and handwriting was way below grade level.  The teacher actually wrote a computer program that taught me to spell while playing the computer game.  That teacher changed my life.  Without him I may never been able to finish school.

Dyslexia is not all bad.  Sure I struggle in some areas, but I am able to excel in other areas.  Studies have found people with dyslexia are creative and have a strong imagination.

If you would like more information on dyslexia, I would recommend the documentary, “The Big Picture:  Rethinking Dyslexia.”  It can be found on Netflix.