Accidental Trespassing

Every year the Huntsville Madison County Builders Association, conducts an event called the Parade of Homes.  During the event, there is a host of open houses all around the community.  Most of the houses are brand new, but there are a few remolded homes on the tour.

My family and I were touring homes and decided to check out a new townhouse community.  We saw the Parade of Homes sign in one of the yards.  However, it was really close to the property line and the doors to each of the townhouses was only a few feet apart.

Gwen and I walked in the door.  Gwen commented on some coats in the closet and I figured they belonged to a real estate agent.  We took a few more steps and looked into the living room.  It was a bit messy.  Gwen pointed to a cat sitting on a table and I realized this home was not a part of the tour.  We were trespassing.

Gwen and I went out the door as fast as possible.  Both of our faces were bright red from the embarrassment.