Cubicle World

I used to work in the cubicle world; however, I am not suited for such an environment.  It was a great job, good pay, and had excellent benefits.

Working in a cubicle made me feel like an animal trapped in a cage.  I realized that I could not get over my depression and anxiety as long as I stayed in the cubicle world.  I decided to resign from my job.

When I turned in my resignation, I felt like I escaped the cage.  I felt freedom.


2 thoughts on “Cubicle World

  1. Congratulations on making the right decision! I left a regular job (pathology) for similar reasons. Best decision of my life! “Antifragile” by Taleb makes a nice logical case for starting over after a small mistake like devoting two-thirds of your life (in my case) to a poison career. Now I’m a writer. Even though I many never make a cent, I’m better off. Slavery to a good paying job doesn’t cure depression, it creates it. Depression ruins everything, including money and your dreams of helping people. Welcome to the land of the living! 🙂

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