Is Privacy Possible?

Is personal privacy even a possibility in our society?

  • There are cameras just about everywhere now.  They are tacking you while shopping, driving your car, or just walking down the street.
  • Smartphones and vehicles are now equipped with GPS trackers.
  • Anytime you use the internet your browsing and shopping patterns are being tracked, through the use of cookies.
  • Whenever you swipe a debit card, credit card, or use a store reward card your personal information and shopping preferences are being transmitted over the internet.
  • Even if you abstain from social media, that doesn’t stop friends or family members from posting pictures of you or information about you on the internet.
  • Major cooperations also use the internet to store information about their workers and customers.

What do you think?  Is personal privacy a possibility in our society?

One thought on “Is Privacy Possible?

  1. That’s true, privacy is no longer personal; It is the hands of the internet. It’s quiet scary to think that everyone and everything is tracked down, but this is what the modern day has brought. Our life is much easier now amd the price we payed for that is our personal information.


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