Bathroom Fishing

During the summer of 1988, my brother and I spent most of our free time exploring the woods and playing in a creek.

We were hanging out at the creek and Aaron was fishing.  He had a bucket full of fish he had caught, but it started to rain.  Neither one of us wanted to go home, since we were having so much fun.  I suggested we take the bucket of fish home with us and put the fish in our bathtub.  That way we could continue having fun while we were at the house.  Aaron thought it was a great idea, so that’s what we did.

My mom came home from work, as she passed by the bathroom, she saw Aaron sitting on the toilet with a fishing pole.  She went into the bathroom to find out what he was doing in there.  When mom looked into the bathtub, she went ballistic.  She started yelling at both of us to get those **** fish out of the there.

We put the fish back into the bucket and walked down the street.  We decided to release the fish in our neighbors pound.  Once we got home, mom made us scrub the bathtub with several different cleaning solutions.

Personally, I think she may have overreacted just a little bit.

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