Panic Attack

When I have a panic attack:

  • My heart starts racing.  I can feel it pounding in my chest.
  • Feelings of dread and terror take over my emotions.
  • My body starts twitching in a desperate attempt to relieve some of the anxiety.
  • My mind is screaming at me to run away from everything around me.
  • My stomach starts churning and I become nauseas.

I know what is happening to me.  I know it’s a panic attack, but I still feel like I am going insane.  I feel like a freak for freaking out uncountably.


One thought on “Panic Attack

  1. Well said. You hit the nail on the head. People say it’s “just” a panic attack and there’s no danger! WTF?! Than why do I feel like I’m about to die or go completely insane?! Happy to have met you…looking forward to reading your blog.


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