Failed Vegetarian

I followed a vegetarian diet for the last three months.  I remained vegetarian all through the holidays.  I turned down offers for steak and other delicious looking food that contained meat.

However, last night I failed as a vegetarian.  I made Hamburger Helper for Mom and Gwen.  I also cooked rice with Italian seasonings and spinach.  We were sitting at the table eating and I could not shake my craving for Hamburger Helper.

The Hamburger Helper was fair, so my intense craving was probably caused by a lack of protein in my current diet.

There you have it.  I failed at being a vegetarian, because of hamburger helper.

One thought on “Failed Vegetarian

  1. Kathy Moebes says:

    You lasted much longer than I would have in those circumstances. If I were the primary cook for omnivores I would not last for very long at all. A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a meatless Monday, I lasted until supper time. Some days are easier than others.

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