Depression is Exhausting

Depression is exhausting.  You just feel tired:  mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  • Your brain works in slow motion.  Even simple task seem overwhelming and difficult.
  • You feel numb and nothing seems to make it better.  Trying to connect with other people feels impossible.  Everything around you looks bleak.  All the beauty seems to have disappeared from the world.
  • Your body literally hurts.  You end up with headaches, backaches, digestive issues, and a host of other aliments.

Depression is an extremely difficult disease.  If you have ever dealt with clinical depression then you are a stronger person than you may realize.

One thought on “Depression is Exhausting

  1. Depression is many things to many people …grey, difficult to explain to others, hard for friends and family to understand….mental health impacts everyone, no matter what age, what economic or geographic background. When someone you think changes their normal behaviour and they seem distant and sad, remote and not interested in life, stay close and let them know you are there for them…listen or just sit with them…it’s too easy to walk away when you don’t understand. There are some great websites to help you understand, and whatever you do don’t stop talking …..that’s the only way we can break down the stigma often associated with depression and mental health. Thanks for your blog on this topic. I work in this field for many years.


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