Living With Depression

When you are suffering from a major depressive episode:

  • Your body feels weighted down.  Even simple tasks, like getting dressed, take an enormous effert.
  • Everything in life seems pointless.  Each day is just a drudgery.
  • There is an overwhelming exhaustion that cannot be cured, no matter how much you sleep you are still tired.
  • You try to remember this is only a relapse.  You try to maintain hope, because without it there would be no reason to live.
  • You want to cry out for help, but that would take to much energy.  Instead, you just curl up on the bed and suffer in silence.

One thought on “Living With Depression

  1. trE says:

    I love someone who is living with depression/anxiety & some days, I almost lose my sense of self. It can be hard on the other side of it, but I won’t even claim to know just how hard it is for her. Peace to you.


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