Smashing Writer’s Block

What does it feel like to have writer’s block?

The blank page is mocking me:

You call yourself a writer, yet there is not one word on my surface.

My mind feels as blank as the page.  Maybe the creative section of my brain went on a vacation without telling me.

How do you break free from writer’s block?

The best way to break free from this misery is to start writing.

  • Write whatever comes to your mind
  • Write random words
  • Make a list (favorite books, people you know, childhood memories, things you need to buy at the store)
  • Describe something you can see.  Write about how it looks, feels, and anything else that may help in the description.

Writing is the best way to smash through a writer’s block.


One thought on “Smashing Writer’s Block

  1. Samantha says:

    Writing’s the best remedy, yes. But if even that doesn’t help, a glass of wine will get your creative juices running, too ;p


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