Control Freak Dog


Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog and he is a complete control freak.

Blue thinks other dogs should play according to his rules.  This includes his brothers and random dogs at the dog park.  If Blue doesn’t like how the other dogs are playing, he barks and runs in a circle around the dogs.  Most dogs just ignore him.  Unfortunately, he has gotten into a scuffle with strange dogs, so we end up leaving the park.

This morning Blue was barking at a thunderstorm.  I am not sure if he was mad about the noise or if he was mad because the storm was scaring his brothers.  Either way, Blue was still trying to control a thunderstorm.

Blue may be a pain sometimes, but he is the most loyal dog I have ever had.  He follows me around, his off-leash recall is phenomenal, he is very affectionate, and he is so smart it’s scary.

Blue may be a controlling, loud, and stubborn dog; however, I still love that boy.

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