The Puppy That Came for Christmas – A Book Review


This book (The Puppy That Came for Christmas by Megan Rix) is about a couple that is desperately trying to have a baby; unfortunately, all their efforts have failed.  After suffering from constant disappointment and heartache, Megan and Ian decided to volunteer with an organization that trains service dogs for people with disabilities.

Neither of them had any experience with dogs, but they refused to let that stop them.  They received a puppy from the organization and put their whole heart into training that dog.  After six months, the puppy was ready for advanced training.  Megan and Ian had to say goodby to the little dog they had grown to love.

Even though they were devastated over losing the first puppy, they volunteered to raise a second puppy.  When the second puppy was transferred to advanced training, Megan and Ian felt they could not continue raising and losing puppies.  The grief was becoming to much for them to handle.

They adopted a forever puppy, which they trained to do community presentations for the service dog organization.

This is a heart warming story of tragedy and triumph.  I give it an A+

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