Huge Foot


I am woman of average height, but I have a huge foot.  I don’t mean just a big foot, I truly mean huge.  In fact, my foot is a size 14 in women’s or a size 12.5 in men’s.

Saturday, I went to New Balance to buy some new hiking boots.  When I walked into the store, I automatically went to the men’s section.

A sales worker walked up to me and asked if I needed any help.  I explained that I was looking for new boots.  The guy shakes his head and says the women’s section is on the other side of the store.  My response, “I know, but I have a really big foot and I can’t buy women’s shoes.”

The worker started telling me the store does have women’s shoes in larger sizes and then decided we should measure my foot to make sure I am getting the right size.

I stepped onto to the women’s side of the foot scale and my toe went just a hair past the size 14 mark.

The poor guy looked a bit confused and checked to make sure it was the right measurement.  Once we were done, he showed me the newest style of boots in the men’s section.

Like I said – My foot is huge!


2 thoughts on “Huge Foot

  1. Nice to meet big foot! “) We all have our trademarks that separate us from the herd. I have my dad’s nose and hands and someone gave me their ears. Oh boy was that a gift! lol.


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