Hoarder and Minimalist – Working Together

We have decided to move to a smaller house with more land, which means we have to downsize our stuff.  I have minimalistic tendencies, so I love the idea.  However, my mom has hoarder tendencies, so this is a bit of a struggle for her.

When we are working together on this downsizing project, our conversations sound a lot like something from The Hoarder show.

  • Me:  Do you need this wood filler?
  • Mom:  Yes
  • Me:   You have never used it before.  How old is it?
  • Mom:  I don’t know, but I still might need it someday.


  • Me:  I think we should downsize your shoes.
  • Mom:  Why?
  • Me:  Because, you have shoes that date back to the Reagan Administration.


  • Me:  I think we should sell this TV and TV stand.  We only turned this TV on once last year.
  • Mom:  What if I want to watch it.
  • Me:  We have other TVs and you were not even the one that used it last year.
  • Mom:  You are really pushing my buttons.


  • Mom:  I think we can downsize to a 1800 sq. feet house.
  • Me:  I think we should downsize to 1500 sq. feet.  I don’t want to live in a huge house.
  • Mom:  I think you have lost your mind.  I just can’t talk to you anymore.


  • Me:  Mom, we don’t need five hammers and about thirty screwdrivers.
  • Mom:  There are not hurting anything sitting in this toolbox.
  • Me:  Your hopeless.


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