You were serious about that?

It’s a pervasive family trait.  Thalers just don’t pay attention.  I don’t know if it’s poor listening skills, short attention spans, or just plan stubbornness that causes us to ignore what people tell us.

We just have a hard time taking what others say seriously.  We tend to view things as suggestions rather than request or commands.  It effects every area of our life.   We don’t pay attention to employers, doctors, or authority figures of any kind.  We don’t even pay attention to each other.

“You were serious about that?” is a common phrase in our household.

3 thoughts on “You were serious about that?

  1. Haha, this reminds me every family has their flaws. Mine, for one, is ruled by stubbornness. All of us have fallen victim to it. Needless to say our family get togethers tend to get quite interesting and often very heated :’)


  2. Oh, that would drive me crazy. Kinda sounds like my husband, though . . . he doesn’t believe things I say, but then when someone else tells him the same exact thing he will take their word for it! ARGGHHH!


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