Blue is Terrified of Nail Trims


I rescued Blue almost two years ago.  He has been a great addition to our family.  He is obedient, an excellent traveling companion, and very protective of his pack.  Basically, Blue is a happy fellow.

Unfortunately, his previous life was not so happy and certain situations will make it very obvious that he still harbors some terrible memories.

Yesterday, I took Blue to the veterinarian for his yearly shots.  He did great when they took a blood sample and gave him the injections. However, when Dr. Buxton approached Blue with the nail trimmer, he went absolutely ballistic.

Before the doctor even touched Blue, he was already snapping, snarling, growling, and lunging at her.  The tech placed a muzzle on Blue and had to hold him down while the doctor trimmed his nails.  I could see the panic in Blue’s eyes and I felt horrible for him.

After it was all over, they put the clippers away and gave Blue a few treats.  He started to calm down and we went to the front to pay the bill.

I don’t know who hurt Blue and caused him to be so scared of getting his nails done, but I hope karma catches up with that idiot.


6 thoughts on “Blue is Terrified of Nail Trims

  1. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a dog you’ve rescued, as is the case with one of my daughter’s dogs. There’s no other word to describe his personality other than – thankful. He hasn’t shown any of the pitiful signs as Blue, but something happened to him to make him realize how great he has it now! He’s almost human in his very obvious thankfulness.

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