Writing is Dangerous

A writer will use words to pour their heart and soul onto the page.  As a result, they leave themselves open to the world.  What happens next is out of their control.

People may react with love, kindness, or admiration.  They may also respond with ridicule, hate, and stomp on the writer’s heart.

Writing can be dangerous and it takes a tough person to succeed in this field.

6 thoughts on “Writing is Dangerous

  1. jvandervlugt says:

    Hi. I used to write short mysteries. I’m not writing anymore because my true passion is creating art. I absolutely agree with you. You need to be tough to be a writer. I lost count on how many rejection letters I received. The best thing though I learned about writing which I use with my art is that ability to take chances. Submitting a story to a publisher when you know it may be rejected. I’m going through that same process with art applications for special events.


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