Short or Long Blog Post

How long should a blog post be?

There is no rule on blog post length, it’s really a matter of preference.  My blog posts tend to be short for two reasons:

  1.  People are busy.  A shorter post allows the reader to get the message, without impeding on their schedule.
  2. People also tend to have short attention spans, so a shorter blog post makes it easier for them to maintain their focus.

What are your preferences on blog post length?  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think about the subject.

18 thoughts on “Short or Long Blog Post

  1. It does not matter, as there is no rule. Depends on the subject you are addressing. If people care to read and have the willingness to learn, they won’t be deterred by the length of a post. Sometimes one word or a sentence can convey a profound thought whereas detailing is important in the other.

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    • I agree. It depends on the subject. I’ve read an extremely long post before only because the subject is interesting. I’ve also started reading a long post because it looked interesting but it was written so badly because of poor sentence structure or they were repetitious that I couldn’t continue to reading.

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      • That’s true, when a blogger really puts effort and writes with passion one can see it in the quality of writing. I will honor that effort and read that piece, even if it long because I get yo learn something new.

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  2. I already “rejected” a post this morning with the thought in my head being “ugh, I’m not reading all that”. Short if it’s text, longer if it’s pictures and a bit of text.
    I suffer from both of your points – I don’t have much time, and after a couple of paragraphs I start skimming.


  3. Your first reason is valid for short posts. Have 200/300 WordPress e-mails a day. I am fortunate enough to be retired, so I can give my full attention to the longer ones that warrant it and can engage me


  4. I also prefer the short ones. Though I might go for a lengthy version if topic is more personal. In my early days of blogging, I posted some really long posts.

    But this doesn’t mean I don’t check/like long posts.


  5. I tend to write, and read longer posts as well as shorter ones. The shorter ones do feel like a bonus, sometimes. I aim for the length where I’ve said enough about the subject but I haven’t introduced a new subject. Some topics don’t lend themselves to just a few words. I also want the freedom to write about those topics. If I write well enough, maybe I can keep people engaged.


  6. My personal opinion is the “short” readers aren’t the true followers. They are the more “facebook/twitter-oriented” sorts who just want snippets of info or just want to hop into a quick post to “like” it in order to boost their own following. The long posts are for the true followers and those looking to learn something. Experts say short posts gain followers and get the most hits. So, I guess it’s whatever your objective is. I don’t care about the numbers because I’m not trying to make a living at blogging. I type what I like and hope some find value in it.

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  7. I prefer shorter posts. If you have a really long one, perhaps breaking it down into several shorter ones is better. I read (yes I do!) many, many blogs every day. If your post is too long, you lose me. JMHO 🙂


  8. I have no preference. Personally, the length of my post is dependent on how much time I have. I might feel like writing my short story, so I’ll post that. Or, I have a haiku that strikes me as just right for the day because I have other matters to attend to. Or, I won’t post because I have no time. I post for the sake of creativity, or what might suddenly move me. I would hope those who subscribed to my blog did so because they like the content and will continue to read. I will not follow or like unless I actually read the material. I’d rather have real readers who actually read than people hitting like and not reading. What’s the point of “liking” if you’re not going to appreciate the material?


  9. People are saying “short” but what does that mean? Some peoples’ “short” might be long to others. I once heard a LONG time ago that in order for Google to be “interested” it needed to be 200 words long. Then after I had been blogging a couple of years I heard that in order for Google to pick it up it needed to be 500 words long. I like posts under 500 words. But because of what I heard, I try to make mine at least 500 words. And then sometimes I get REALLY wordy! Just like in this comment.


  10. Oh goodness! This post has me signing on. Life seems to have become so busy lately that I simply don’t have the time or patience for long posts! Of course content might have a bit to do with it. Thanks for bringing this up.

    I tend to favor photographic sites, so am getting rather fed up with folks who post the same bird shot umpteen times. Then again I just posted seven very similar shots of the bird bath (thanks for the like!) It’s all pretty subjective isn’t it?


  11. I read hundreds of posts each day. The shorter the post the greater attention can be made to things like layout, production, visual effects, etc. all of which matter when it comes to the over all
    effect or message of the post.

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