Teenager Taking Responsibility

I woke up at 1:30 this morning, because I really had to use the bathroom.  That’s when I found Gwen cleaning the floor in the living room.  Apparently, Ben decided to have a midnight snack and he ate it so fast that he spite up a large chunk of food.

Gwen decided to clean up the mess herself, without complaint or asking for any help.  This incident proves that Gwen has grown into a very responsible young lady.

One thought on “Teenager Taking Responsibility

  1. I wasn’t too sure what that was about Lynn until I saw the teenager angle. Hmm. I remember bringing my daughter to a do in a posh hotel one day because I was working but had to look after her, too. The general manager of the hotel, recognising me, came over to say hello and invite me to lunch. I introduced him to Holly and he asked her what she’d like for lunch? And she said, I’d like fresh Irish crab claws, cooked in fresh, country butter with curly parsley. And I knew I’d never have to worry about her. She was five.


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