Cutting Cable

I stopped paying for cable television services a long time ago.  There are a lot ways to watch your favorite TV shows and movies that cost a fraction of what cable charges, so it just seems like an unnecessary expense.

Also, cutting cable has greatly reduced the amount of commercials I end up watching.  That alone is a huge benefit in my mind.

If you still have cable services, what is keeping you from cutting the cable?  Let me know your thoughts on the topic.

9 thoughts on “Cutting Cable

  1. I’m a Netflix and Amazon man! Although we can’t get cable here, there is satellite which would cost many times Netflix and Amazon put together. Much too expensive – the only people I know who have satellite got it for the sports channels.

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  2. We still have cable and I am still willing to pay for it because I still see value in it. Now if we were to cut the cord we would still do over the air programming because local news and network TV still put out a great product. However where we live its hard to get a decent TV signal.


  3. I gave up having a TV for most of the 60s, partly into the 70s and I haven’t bothered with on for roughly 10 years now. I waste more than enough time just having internet. 😀


  4. We only watch free TV. Can hardly watch it now-a-days. So much noise in the background to try and force the viewer to pay attention hoping to get away with the lack of quality in the story. I like the Scandinavian films. At least they are mainly comprehensible, unlike most British shows that make the plot so tortured, one gives up.


  5. I current use cable for wifi only and I have an Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Prime membership. I have Smart TV’s on prime and the others have the Roku and Apple which also allow prime. I would say the savings are somewhere around $100


  6. I would like to cut the cord but we are NFL fans and our team is now an “out of market”…so we have to have Directv’s Sunday Ticket in order to watch all the games we want. I know there are services to watch the game 24 hours later, or to follow an update, but it’s not the same feeling. I have to watch the game in real time. I look forward to football season.


  7. I completely agree, I actually don’t have a tv at home and use Netflix all the time or watch the shows through websites. It’s not only cheaper but you become more selective and productive without spending hours staring at tv – trust me!


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