My First Car

My first car was a 1979 Ford Fairmont.  It was already ten years old when I was learning how to drive, so my parents thought it would be a good car for me.  If I wrecked the car, it wouldn’t be a great loss.

It had a standard transmission, which I appreciate now.  I can still drive a standard, since I learned how to drive with one and drove standards for years.

The car didn’t have power steering.  If you wanted to make a u-turn or a 3-way turn, you really had to work for it.

It didn’t have power brakes either.  To stop the car, you had to use those leg muscles and put a good bit of pressure on the brake peddle.

Actually, nothing was considered “power.”  The windows had hand cranks and the seat adjustment was stiff and difficult to move into position.

It had a radio, but the speakers were awful.  There was always a loud crackling noise in the background, so you couldn’t make out what song was being played.

Last of all, the car didn’t have air conditioning.

In spite of all the negatives, I was proud to have that car.  I loved to drive it around town or just drive aimlessly for hours on end.

While it is true I have found memories of that old car, I don’t actually miss it.


15 thoughts on “My First Car

  1. Samantha says:

    I currently own my first car, and besides a new radio I had installed it has no extras, apart from the now standard power breaks and power steering, of course. Many say I am crazy for not getting rid of it, but I love it so much! I suppose that’s a first car thing :p If I ever end up owning a really pimped up car, I’ll probably laugh at the me now, ha ha.
    Loved this post for making me remember I now love to drive 🙂

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  2. My first car was a 1950 Ford V8 Single spinner sedan. It was painted a powder blue and had leather seats and radio. I was smitten as soon as I saw it. The smarmy car salesman saw me coming. As soon as I slid inside, I was gone. He had returned to his little shed and as I approached it he pretended to be on the phone and said he just had a customer that was also interested in the same car.
    Of course, I immediately bought it on ‘easy credit terms.’ I was eighteen at the time. I used the car to drive my parents around. I managed a couple of dates, and wore lots of Brylcreme to get a wave in my straight hair. My mother complained about the grease on the pillows.
    I wrote a book about all those experiences early experiences. It is for sale both in paper-back and kindle though Amazon and Lulu. The title is ‘Almost There.’


  3. I bought my very first car -a brand new VW bug- when I was 19. It was my getaway car. It gave me freedom and adventure. There’s never been a car I loved more though a decent heater and A/C might have been nice!) 🙂


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