Traditional Books vs eBooks

I used to have thousands of traditional books and there was even an entire room in the house designated as a personal library.  However, I slowly started downsizing those books and replacing them with electronic versions.

I love my eBooks because,

  1. They don’t take up a lot of space in the house.
  2. I can take my entire library with me everywhere I go.
  3. There are tons of books in the public domain that are free.

Even though I am a huge fan of eBooks, I admit I still love the smell and feel of traditional books.

Which do you prefer and why?  Let me know in the comments below.

21 thoughts on “Traditional Books vs eBooks

  1. I switched to eBooks for the same reasons. My physical books were starting to stack up on the floor! And with eBooks I always have something to read wherever I am (even if my Kindle is at home and I have to read them on my phone).

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  2. I’ll always prefer the hard copy! The whole experience is so much more real.
    I am not going to lie, I have enough ebooks to make anyone jealous, and they are definitely easier to carry around- In your phone or Kindle. But the smell and the feel of books cannot be compared.

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  3. I prefer paper-back to eBook. However, when getting old and downsizing to a new place, bookshelves and books have to fit in a smaller space. We got rid of many books, but are slowly re-stocking again. They are irresistible.

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  4. For me, owning a book, its a must. I don’t mind ebooks, but I have to admit I am a bit possessive when it comes to the hard copy! The smell, the texture ….irresistible! I think , when I am inside a bookstore, I have the same feeling as a 5 year old kid in a candy shop.I am in heaven. Gotta have them!!

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  5. I find that both types of books fit into my life. I switched to Ebooks because my house was going to collapse from the weight of the paper books but I still prefer my bound books for outside reading and I miss being able to share my books.

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  6. I’m with you, Lynn! I need both. The ability to have so many words at my fingertips (that can travel with me) is amazing. But the comfort of turning the pages of old favorites is a necessity in life I can not part with.

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  7. I used to be dead set against eBooks, until I bought an eReader from a local, independent bookstore. My account is set to benefit that bookstore every time I buy an eBook. My eReader is also compatible with downloads from the public library. So now I feel better about owning an eReader.

    I still prefer books over eBooks. I can’t share an eBook. I can’t contribute unwanted eBooks to homeless shelters or drop them off in the office lending library. I can’t leave an eBook on a park bench for a stranger to discover. If I want to loan an eBook to a friend, I have to loan them my entire eReader.

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  8. I love paper…treasure books. I have used E-books and to me they are a harder read. I love to turn pages, turned down the corner to mark where to pick up when I return and I love the option of finding just the right bookmark. I am a hopless romantic of written hard paper. (I’m an old lady!) LOL! Don’t forget the ability to smell the pages are my aphrodisiac….weird geeky nerd I am.


  9. hello lynn thaler its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am not so mutch into reeding on akkownt of i do not hav thums for holding the buks however my dada reeds all the time and he sez he wood mutch rather reed an ebuk then a payper buk theez days!!! he mostly reeds at wurk at luntch or in bed at nite and the ebuk is mutch more konveenyent for both on akkownt of yoo do not hav to hold the buk open!!! see dada has thums but he duz not appreesheyayt them!!! ha ha ok bye


  10. Crosslife Spaces says:

    I am still of the old school, preferring reading paperback. But I use audio books too when walking on treadmill. I used to collect books but after adopting a mobile lifestyle geographically, I have learned to part with books and not look back when I give them away. I do find reading ebooks somewhat tiring for my eyes and not as convenient when I do not read from beginning to the end. I often choose a chapter or a portion to read skipping chunks and later come back to fill in the pieces as needed. Ebooks do not give me that flexibility of finding (by skimming through) what to select. Some public libraries have good choice and varieties. I am thankful and thoroughly enjoyed myself in places with good supplies of free books of many varieties in terms of mediums (hard cover, paperback, large print, ebook, audio, video etc.) On the other hand, I realize how difficult it may be for authors who are starting to make a living through writing books. Ebooks are sold at a much cheaper price compared to a paperback and require mass production. I still prefer reading books which have taken an author years to research and write.


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