The Possessed Jeep

The other day, I went to a battery store to get my key fob for the Jeep fixed.  The employee replaced the battery, but it still wasn’t working properly.  He took the fob apart and realigned the connections.

Once he was finished, he used a pocket knife to tap on the connections to see if it would register on his monitoring device.  He was tapping all the connections and everything seemed to be working fine.

While all this was going on, Gwen was waiting in the Jeep.  All of a sudden the alarm started going off and on, the doors were unlocking and locking, lights were flashing, and the Jeep was acting like it was possessed by an evil spirt.

She called me on the cell phone to find out what was happening and yelled out, “Make it stop!”

I started laughing hysterically and told the worker, the key fob was working great.  I only wish I could have seen the look on Gwen’s face when the Jeep went crazy.

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