Excitement and Ignorance Mixed

Years ago, my mom and I went to the store and purchased our first cordless landline telephone.  These marvels of technology were relatively new at the time, so we were both excited by the prospect of talking on the phone without being tied to one location by a phone cord.

We were sitting at the kitchen table and took our new toy out of the box.  I plugged the phone into the wall socket and the lights started to blink on the base.  We were looking at each other and decided to make a call, to test out the new phone.

I grabbed the phone (of course I wanted to be the first person to use it) and hit the talk button, but nothing happened.  There was no dial tone.  I tried several times to make a call, but all to no avail.  I was getting frustrated and decided the phone must be defective.

Mom and I pulled the instruction booklet out of the box and that’s when we realized the phone was not plugged into a phone jack.  It was only plugged into an electrical socket.

We just looked at each other with a stupefied expression on our faces.

After we got the phone properly plugged into all the necessary outlets, I finally was able to make that first cordless phone call.  However, it didn’t feel as glorious as expected.  My excitement was  now mixed with feelings of ignorance.


9 thoughts on “Excitement and Ignorance Mixed

  1. Of course, now phones do so much more that what a phone used to be for. In fact, phoning is one of the least of available options. It is now all so complicated, many people lose the will to go on. No wonder, people download marriage or relationship apps, gambling apps, travel apps, and do everything except talk to somebody. I noticed a man on a park bench this afternoon, reading a book. Can you believe it?


  2. I remember that phone – it was almost as big as a shoe box and you had to be standing within a certain distance of the handset in order to get reception. Portable phones have sure changed.


  3. lol, I think we’ve all done something similar at times. I still have the home based phone, with 3 cordless satellites, even though some of my friends have moved to using just their cell phone. I can’t seem to wrap my head around doing that.


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