Ardmore Truck and Tractor Pull

I’ve lived in Alabama for over 20 years and I never attended a truck and tractor pull event, so I decided to remedy that situation last night.

At first it was interesting, but after two and half hours I was getting really bored.  I started walking around the grounds and ended up leaving the event early.

Also, I had no idea how much exhaust was released into the atmosphere during one of these events.  This is defiantly not a green energy sport.

8 thoughts on “Ardmore Truck and Tractor Pull

  1. I can’t blame you. I would have left after 2 minutes. Country Australia has similar events, usually followed up in the evening with line-dancing and lots booze. I wonder what life would be like in Alabama?


    • Alabama is an interesting state. I live in North Alabama, which is at the tail end of the Appellation Mountains. Huntsville is in a valley and it is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the country. We have the highest number of engineers per capita in the USA. There is also a lot farm land in the state. South Alabama has beautiful sandy beaches and we love to go there on vacation. Alabama is a pretty good place to live.


    • I did learn a lot while I was there. I now know the rules of the sport and I learned some new things about tractors. I am glad I went, but I don’t plan to ever go to another such event.


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