Buying a Washing Machine

Our washing machine died, so we went to the store yesterday to buy a new one.

I found one that has a built-in hot water heater, which can be used to steam clean your clothes.  It can also send you a text message when your clothes are ready.  If the machine seems to be having problems, you can sync it with your smartphone and run a diagnostic program.  The machine can also tell how much water is needed to clean your clothes and has so many settings you will need a manual to figure out how to get the machine working.

Below is a picture of the washing machine we bought.  It can wash clothes.


16 thoughts on “Buying a Washing Machine

  1. I always get worried that ours will die and I won’t be able to get a regular washing machine. I don’t want my washing machine to text me. I don’t like side loaders. I hope when mine does die there will still be top loaders available.

    Ha. I just read Tippy’s comment. Ha, ha, ha, ha. True!


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