When Skeptics Ask – A Book Review


I just finished reading When Skeptics Ask by Norman Heisler and Ron Brooks.  I have mixed feelings about the book.

I enjoyed the section on the importance of studying topics like apologetics and logic.  These subjects can make your brain tired, but they are still beneficial.

The chapter on the existence of God was a bit weak.  The authors posed the usual arguments:

  • Everything must have a beginning, including the universe
  • If it has a beginning, then it must have been created and it must have a creator

The authors use special pleading for God.  They claim God is the only thing that was not created and; therefore, doesn’t have a beginning or in need of a creator.  The authors provide no valid reasons for why God is deserving of this special rule.

There is also a chapter titled “Questions about Evil” in the book.  I think the authors made some very good points in this chapter; however, the way it was written was hard to follow at times.

The sections covering the Bible and Jesus Christ are the best parts of the book.  I feel they did an excellent job covering the Christian viewpoint and validating their beliefs concerning these topics.

I give this book a B+



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