Why Horror Films

I am sitting here wondering why I love horror films and shows about the supernatural, while watching Bitten.

  • Is it the creativity behind so many of the stories?
  • Is it rooted in some childhood fear of the dark that all humanity seems to share?
  • Is it the joy of watching people triumph over extreme evil?

How do you feel about horror films? Β Let me know in the comments below.


34 thoughts on “Why Horror Films

  1. We have a genuine curiosity for the unknown, for what we can’t make sense of, whether good or bad. Sixth Sense and Signs with Mel Gibson, Cujo(the suspense) scare me yet intrigue me. I am a warrior for good over evil. Great plot, I watch it. Scootch over, pajamas, popcorn, my blanket & I am horror ready. No talking. No questions. Thrill me. Analyze later.

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  2. rebornicity says:

    Horror movies do have a function, to intimidate and instill fear at a subconscioud level. There is a reason why movie companies are paid to do this, over and above commercial considerations. As for my own lifestyle, every day is scary enough as it is.

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  3. I Loved Aliens, The Others with Nicole Kidman, Sixth Sense, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island (2010), etc… I like the ones that don’t have too much gore but leave you tingly with suspense with a surprise ending. I also enjoy the old traditional horror movies with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Jr, Vincent Price, the greats of the Horror genre. Excellent films that leave you on the edge of your seat! Cool!!

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  4. Samantha says:

    I love horror films, too. I’m fascinated by fear, and seeing it come to life on screen is interesting. Plus, it’s the unknown, the supernatural, untangibility of it that mesmerizes me. And regarding zombies, it’s how society changes instantly after an apocalypse, how social rules and roles change due to something supernatural happening.
    Plus, of course, knowing it could never happen in real life. So you can be scared and enjoy it knowing you’re safe from likewise harm.

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  5. Along with the creative imagination aspect in many horror films (most that I like best have a fantasy element to them) there is a feeling of survival when you make it out of the theater of to the end of the horror film. I think it’s the same feeling as when you ride a roller coaster, a kind of safe danger.

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  6. I’m trying to promise myself never to watch any anymore, after what happened when I saw The Conjuring, oh boy! I ended up awake at nights and sleeping during the day.. and now that its second installation is out, I’m trying hard not to watch it, but I also want to.. *Lol* I don’t know what purpose they serve, although when I’m in a foul mood, horror movies make me feel a heck of a lot better.


  7. Interesting question. I don’t like horror movies and can’t watch them, but I do like sci-fi and paranormal thrillers. Maybe it’s the randomness of the victims in horror movies that creeps me out. My daughter loves them!


  8. The appeal lies in the thrill and the knowing the formula of how horror films play out. The ‘I’ll be right back’ kind of moments. Then seeing whether this happens or whether the film catches you out!


  9. I find that what we love most about films is how it makes us feel. We look to film to create emotions and experiences for us that we can feel on demand. We have control over ourselves in this one scenario in our lives where we can willingly pick and choose our emotions. The most effective films are the ones that make us feel something and fear is one of the most intense things we can feel. Intensity is no small thing, and getting your heart racing and blood rushing is a high that is bred into us, it’s about survival. It’s one of our most basic functions and floods us with adrenaline and endorphins, but we also get the security of knowing that we are in a safe place. We’re basically getting high on film, which is a high that I support.


  10. Arthur says:

    I love horror films. I think that people enjoy them because fear is an intense emotion and can cause an adrenaline rush. Some of my favorite movies are in the horror genre. I used to love reading horror themed books as well growing up.


  11. I love horror films. They say people just love being scared, it is that thrill of sitting comfortably in your safe armchair at night, and enjoying the “ride” into the darkness. I personally love all types of horror, not least because I am interested in the supernatural. But, much more, I love to review horror films, because they are always lots and lots of things to say – how scary was it? the setting? the story? They are very few really excellent horror movies nowadays, and therefore they are always things to point out πŸ™‚


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