Tinnitus – Personal Perspective

I was born with inner ear deformities, which caused me to suffer hearing loss at a young age.  I started wearing hearing aids when I was twelve.  I’ve had so many surgeries on my ears that I lost count years ago.  The surgeries allowed me to maintain my hearing and help prevent the frequent ear infections I used to develop.

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a result of my ear problems.  Some people with tinnitus hear the noise all the time, but for me it comes and goes.  Even as a small child I could hear the ringing and I don’t remember a time that the ringing was not a part of my life.

Most people with tinnitus are annoyed or irritated by the disorder.  It affects their ability to sleep and causes disruptions in other areas of their life.

However, tinnitus doesn’t bother me at all.  I guess I am just used to it.  It is a normal part of my life.  In fact when my ears start to ring, I find it easier to sleep or to concentrate.  It drowns out the background noise.

Most people hate having to deal with tinnitus, but I actually enjoy it.  I know that sounds crazy, but that is my personal perspective.

Have you ever experienced tinnitus?  If so, how does it affect your life?

22 thoughts on “Tinnitus – Personal Perspective

  1. well, i often wunder what it is i hear, but many different frequencies,
    frum deep within,4 me though is not in the ears as it is in the whole field, sumtimes i think thats what i am listening to is the field?..wunder if i wil evr find out …….

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      Is that the constant tone one sometimes hears for a few minutes or even hours? It doesn’t change pitch and sounds if it could be an electronic pulse of sorts. It just goes away unnoticed.

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      • yes mine changes pitch evr so often…sometimes to like a way higher note…almost lie if i shot a gun off in close range an that kinna ring but nothing like it really a lot higher pitch an is not centered in the eardrum area…once i believed it was the vibrations of the hair follicles in the ear canal…but not no more…when it comes blazin in at 2 3 er 4 am sumtimes….Ultrasound yes indeed..of some sortss…a bit of focus at any given time an i can hear a sound, seldom does it go silent, cuz even in silence, i can go outside an lewk at the stars, an hear “the sound” whatevr it is…always have been able to…some tell me i am listening to the hum of mother earth herself…hmmmmm? thanks fer kickin it back to me 🙂 laterzzzzzzzzz Q 3 am here

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      • AWETHENTIQ PETE says:

        11:02, Cape Town. I am now told that hypertension can also cause this, am a sufferer of that. Have your blood pressure checked. I take my tablets with a good, mild coffee 😂

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      • AWETHENTIQ PETE says:

        I grew up among people with hearing problems, the Institutes for both Blind and Deaf are situated there. We had much information, except about tinnitus. Always had friends, even relatives, either working or teaching there, but also members of blind or deaf communities.

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  2. Samantha says:

    I’ve read about tinnitus and always perceived is as really dreadful and something I can only hope I’ll never have to deal with. So it’s nice to read this blog, from the perspective of someone who actually has it.


  3. My tinnitus developed a few years ago due to my menieres disease. At first, it drove me crazy, but now I barely notice it. It comes and goes, but is the worst during spring allergy season. For me, it is very low pitched and steady, so it is kind of sooting at night.

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  4. I’ve had tinnitus for nearly 20 years; I had a head cold, and flew from London to Scotland – that flight never quite made it over the ear-popping level, and it damaged my ears. I’m used to it – they say if you focus on it and let it irritate you, it only gets worse.
    My “problem” is that, on top of that, I have super hearing… I hear mice in the grass on a windy hillside. I have to sleep with ear plugs even though we live in a quiet town…


  5. Tinnitus for me too, Lynn :-/ First noticed it after a second car accident with whiplash…
    It’s usually quiet enough, but high pitched and sometimes “in stereo” with both ears
    at once. Lots of people have it, but most don’t have your positive attitude for it! 🙂 ♥ ❤


  6. Yeah, suffer from it all the time, but it comes and goes.

    It is a relatively recent thing and I first experienced it a few years ago.
    I strongly suspect that in my case there are electrical current issues, ie the computer, headphones etc.
    Guitarist, Jeff Beck is a sufferer and has cancelled tours in the past because it got so bad for him.
    It is because I am a big fan of his music that I first discovered what the ringing in my ears was after reading his bio.

    I have begun drinking a lot of Ginko tea which seems to help.


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