Binge Eating Disorder

I have a binge eating disorder.  I feel like my body and my brain are not on the same page.  My body is saying, “Stop, I’m full.”  However, my brain is always screaming out for more food.

For me, binge eating is a compulsion that seems impossible to control.  That’s why I started attending a Celebrate Recovery group.  Celebrate recovery is a 12-step program that helps people overcome their addictions and compulsions.

I have tried to stop binge eating numerous times in the past, but I always failed.  I admit I have become powerless over my compulsion and I need help (step 1).



10 thoughts on “Binge Eating Disorder

  1. Well, each to their own, Giving up compulsions or addiction is done by choosing to do so. Giving it to a ‘higher power’ is avoiding taking responsibility. The food (or cigarette, alcohol or drugs) does not end up in your body by its own accord. You are NOT powerless. You only can do it.
    I know that the twelve step program also has a step saying, ‘it is not your fault.’ It might not be but continuing on with something and realizing that is not good, it becomes your responsibility.


  2. Well done and good luck, I reckon you’re on the right path now. A different 12 step programme has kept me off the booze for over 13 years when nothing else helped.


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