8 thoughts on “Operation Nice

  1. Yes, a ‘nice’ idea; the world can always use more nice…

    However, I must add, when I saw the title, I had to laugh; you may end up getting a lot of traffic from conspiracy theorists, thinking you’ve got more evidence of false flags re: the recent tragedy in Nice, France…. The title sounds just like the acronym style names the government hands out to their clandestine ops…. Just thought I’d warn you the timing for that particular group of words was a little inconvenient, & you may hear about it….


    gigoid, the dubious


  2. I’m thinking along the same lines, Lynn, that we need to intensify our kindness efforts. If each us went out of our way to be extra kind or nice ten times a day (even just a smile at a stranger) we will prevail over those who focus only on hate.


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