34 thoughts on “Country vs City Living

  1. Difficult. I love living in a rural environment because I feel better there.
    Cities and urban areas have their attractions of course. I always remember my late uncle telling me to make my home in the country.
    He thought that city life was a killer. I think I agree with him. But whether YOU (yes, you) are a town mouse or a country mouse … you are valued and precious. Peace and long life to you. Kris.

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  2. City Life. Since I have a vision disability and can no longer drive I must live in the city near the bus & subway. I wonder how vision impaired people who live in the county get around. Plus NYC offers services for people with disabilities and senior citizens. You can have some independence in the city but a visually impaired person in the country is trapped in their house.

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    • We do have transportation services for people with disabilities; however, the person has to schedule the request 24 hours prior to needing transportation. That has a lot to do with distances between homes and driving time to the city. In cases of emergency, an ambulance will come and offer transport (even if it is someplace other than the ER).

      I used to work in the social services field and helped people with locating necessary resources.

      I understand living in the city would still be way more convenient.

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  3. Whenever I dream of the idyllic existence, I think of having a small place in the city (not just any city, but one that is vibrant with culture, so Toronto would be my point of reference) and I would love to have a place in the country where I could connect directly with nature and its awe, explore solitude and enjoy the simpler things. I guess you could say I want it all 🙂 Harlon

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  4. I am fortunate to be living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, which brings me to almost four million people to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is a constant flow of tourists who can be reached as well, all the amenities and comforts are there yet we are still in a natural setting. If the city was Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Beijing or New York, I’d be going walkabout into rural farmland instantly as concrete jungles aren’t my cup of tea. Let a few pictures explain it better, though.

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    • The lack of diversity is a problem in many rural areas. I live in North Alabama and it has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The Huntsville area has grown at a phenomenal rate. As a result, I have noticed an increase in the minority populations and the cultural benefits that come with diversity.

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  5. I love the City, especially those of Europe. Closeness of people, cafes and galleries. I love the country too, and we lived on a farm with over a hundred acres for 14 years.
    But…I dislike suburbia with its obsession with privacy, drawn curtains, fences and its monotonous sameness. Mile after mile of spiritual dehydration. Those remote garages, the zinc alume fences or colour bond. How can one thrive, and where does the nourishment comes from? The local shopping mall?

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  6. I hands down agree that living in the country is a more peaceful environment. Although not everyone agrees with that statement because they ave lived in cities for so long. They tend to wonder what we actually find to do in the country that is so fun… but I tend to think that living in the country brings me a lot of peace. There is nothing better than rolling down your windows and riding down a dirt road listening to music. I also enjoy running in the nature of the countryside. It is so much more cleansing to me, and it allows you time to think.


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