Pokemon Go

I downloaded the Pokemon Go game, because I was curious about it.  I have seen the negative press, but I think it is a cool game.

  • It is fun to play, which is important.
  • It helps to get people out of their house and get them exploring the world around them.
  • It is a game the whole family can enjoy together, so it promotes family bonding.

Have you tried playing the game?  What do you think about it?


21 thoughts on “Pokemon Go

  1. Samantha says:

    I caught a Pokémon on my friend’s phone, that’s about as much as I’ll go :p I’m not really into the game myself, but despite the negative press coverage it’s also got positive sides (like basically everything in life).
    I do love spotting Trainers, though. That’s MY new hobby 😉


  2. I have not played myself, but I have taken the children out on several Pokemon-hunting excursions, as have the parents of their friends. I think it’s wonderful, so long as they keep their wits about them, 🙂


  3. As a Museum Guard whose duty it is to protect the artwork Pokemon Go is a disaster in the making. People playing this game have no situational awareness thus pose a danger to themselves, the artworks and others. Visitors touch the art anyway and are disrespectful and this game only makes things worse. Sadly my museum is a Pokemon Stop. Another level of hell for the security guards.

    The 9/11 Museum, Holocaust Museum and Auschwitz are trying to get their cultural institutions removed as Pokemon Stops. The Pokemon Go players seem to think the fact that innocent victims died at all these spots is amusing. Some small cartoon creature in the form of gas appears at the previous stated museums. How is it funny that Jewish people were gassed to death? Or that thousands of people lost their lives during 9/11. I was at work that day and will forever remember. Now it’s a Pokemon Stop? Really? No respect. I wish that the game would just disappear and never return!


  4. I never needed a game to get out there and discover. It is a sad day when we need electronic games to inspire us. I have been in IT since 1982 and am much opposed to any kind of electronic games as even the best have negative effects and influences. Without trying to sound overtly religious, I do not waste my precious life on such, Jesus gets all my time, Angry Birds, Pokemon and even basic Solitaire can’t have my time. Having been bedridden for years, I spent my time at His feet, discovering truths the traditional Christian never will. And games won’t bring that insight. I am jealous of my time with my wife and my time with my Father. Anything infringing upon that better be superlative. I don’t give Nelson Mandela a minute, either. Life is precious; live it. Too soon, you will find *GAME OVER!*


  5. I recently saw an article about a dog pound that started renting their dogs out to Pokemon go players for $5 the stipulation was that they take the dogs with them while they searched. After many selfies with dog shelters animals, the pound not only had the Pokemon players calling and saying, “Hey this dog and i click i’m not bringing it back.” and other peeps calling and wanting to adopt specific animals, they were able to find homes for every dog in their shelter. they moved so many animals out of their that they had to have more sent in from another shelter. all that bad press is scary for sure. But wow! god job shelter. Can you believe it?

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  6. I am loving the game. It does get us out walking, and we meet interesting people around Pokestops and Gyms. It’s even getting us back into geocaching – the two games are so similar.


  7. It may be a Good Game, but in a crowded city area, these youngsters walk about with eyes glued to the mobile screen looking for Pokemon’s and they are unaware of the traffic beside them. It is very dangerous especially in crowded cities.

    Every time, the player spots a Pokemon, he swipes the screen and the Pokemon Company earns millions of dollars per day.

    So eventually the parents end up paying for their Grown Up Kids stupid Pokemon Games, which is nothing but Chinese Nonsense.

    Kids of today should explore the World with their Eyes and not with their Mobile Screens.



  8. The sheer selection of creatures to catch is one of the draws of the game and you can see why Pokemon Go has appealed to people from all walks of life, it has that sense of collecting something, good gameplay and challenges.


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