19 thoughts on “My Workspace

  1. Hi! I just want to say that I like how organized you are in your workspace! I like the arrangement and space. ♥ Though I have a different preference in the lighting because it somehow makes or breaks the mood. I prefer room lighting instead of the natural lighting from the windows because the latter makes me feel too relaxed to focus that I end up sleeping or bumming around instead. Maybe this is just me, though ☺

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  2. I must say I do not have “clutter” but a unique style of organization! 🙂 I like my space to be set apart from the rest of the house, although in the kitchen it is in the area that used to be the breakfast nook near windows.

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  3. Clutter. I’m definitely a pack rat even though I’ve tried to reform. As a young girl, teenager and 20 something my Dad used to kid me that my room looked like the Collyer Brothers who were what we now call “Hoarders.” My Dad grew up in Harlem and this story was big news in 1947.



    When I downsized from a one bedroom apartment to just one room I had to throw out lots of my things. Some just got left behind. Some are still in storage. My bed is my office. I use a laptop. Downstairs in the common area the living room and kitchen are better since my room-mate does a good job of keeping everything clean and in order. I am neater than I used to be. When you live in a micro space you can’t buy or keep things. Therefore a bit more orderly.


  4. RMW says:

    I would love to have an organized desk like yours but it will never happen… as soon as I clear it off things pile up again. Along with papers, magazines, brochures, stacks of backup drives and printers, there is usually at least one cat draped over everything!


  5. My desk at home is more the decorative sort. I actually sit on my sofa to do most everything, although I sometimes write by hand at the dining table. Can’t abide a mess at all. At work, same, very tidy, and perfect when I leave 🙂 I tend not to put furniture in front of windows whenever possible, and were it a desk, I’d go blind, lol!


  6. fmtcd says:

    I’ve recently moved to a desk facing a floor-to-ceiling window. Though I love the light, I can’t help but wonder if I should be applying sunscreen all day long. How about you? I think someday I may pull the shade, but that would defeat the purpose… Life is full of hard choices.


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