Allergy Test

I went to the doctor today for an allergy test.  To test for allergies, the nurse will take needles dipped in various substances and then prick your skin.  If you develop a red bump, then you are allergic to that substance.

The good news is I only reacted to three things, so I don’t have a lot of allergies.  The bad news, those items happen to be extremely prevalent in my area.  The doctor recommended a daily allergy medication and a follow-up visit.


6 thoughts on “Allergy Test

  1. My body broke out in a rash, I looked like a leper for three days after such a test. And, of course, they still do not know which had caused it, as the reaction came from more than one and was severe.


  2. Yours don’t look so good. Last month I went through 3 days of tests trying to find out what my sinus trouble was about. Good news, I’m not allergic to anything. Bad news, what do I do now?
    At east you now know what the problem is.


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