I Don’t Understand…

I don’t understand people who are content to do the same thing everyday, to live in the same place their whole life, to never travel to a foreign land, and refuse to read or expand their education.

I have only one life and I don’t know how long it will last.  The world is full of so much beauty and wonder.  There are so many things to explore, so many things to learn, so many things to try, and so many things to see.  I want to do as much as I can with my life.  I don’t want to come to the end of my life and realize I wasted it.


15 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand…

  1. I have many of those desires, yet circumstances thwart their design. But, I am able to keep expanding my world close to home and to the many ordinary places that life takes me. Sometimes we have to determine to see more of what we have around us.

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  2. Then you are not understanding that everybody has different perspectives; different goals and aspirations; different priorities.

    There are those who want the adventure of travel, and there are those who want the stability, security, and the social relationships offered by staying in their town.

    There are those whose goal it is to have children, and there are those who have totally different priorities.

    There are those who are extremely happy and content with being single, and take advantage of all the freedoms that entails, and there are others whose goal in life is to find their perfect mate.

    The world is indeed full of amazing things, but do you really have to travel around the world to see them? I have spent many years volunteering in my general area and find that more important (and amazing) than seeing many parts of the world!

    I can sit on my front porch with Ray sitting next to me and share a bag of chips with him while watching various insects working away in various plants. Those moments are priceless to me.

    All your points are very good and, indeed, you only have one shot at life and so should give it your best, but not everybody has your perspective on what life means. My life means leaving a legacy of memories, such that some people will be very aware that I “passed through” and are aware of the results of my time here! Just thinking!

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    • Good point, Colin. Everyone must walk their own path, wherever it takes them. I chose to travel widely when I was young and I am so glad I did, as it was an education I couldn’t have received any other way. There is room in the world for all kinds – we each offer our unique gifts and thank heavens for that! 🙂

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  3. I’m like you and always have been. I know a lot of people who are not like us, though. I can see the beauty of a life less-traveled, a life deeply entrenched, pillars of the community, backbones of a family. We need both in this world.

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  4. This is interesting to me as I grew up in the same town that my mother was raised in and her mother raised in. When I was young, I had a fear of only living in one place my entire life. Most of my school peers and my family have stayed in the general area where they grew up and are perfectly content. Most of them have “grown where they are planted” and bless the lives of their friends, neighbors and communities. I’ve been blessed in my situation as an adult to have the means to travel and live outside of my home state as well as outside the U.S. I have raised my kids all over and we have loved our less traditional lifestyle. Maybe we haven’t put down geographical roots, but we have unbreakable family roots and a first-hand sense of the world. And we touch lives and lives touch ours wherever we end up. So I think it’s more about how well we live our lives and I agree, I don’t want to waste mine.

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