22 thoughts on “Fried Frog Legs

      • Vegemite is brown and is spread on a sandwich. It is some kind of meat extract condensed in this brown drain-like paste. It is salty and perhaps the taste relates to a beef cube mixed with lard.
        My mother bought a jar soon after arrival in Australia in 1956. When she opened it, we all fled away and ran uphill to escape this jar of open vegemite.
        However, vegemite is an Australian like institution and many revere it. Many Australians pine for it when overseas.


  1. I’ve heard that said about frog kegs, however I will stick to the real flavor of fried chicken. I will eat fried frog legs if that’s the only food left to eat on earth, although I won’t be eating any chocolate covered ants if they’re the last dessert on earth.


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