Go Green – Book Review


Go Green (How to Build an Earth-Friendly Community) offers suggestions for living sustainable and creating a smaller carbon footprint.  The book offers tips on environmentally friendly building supplies, transpiration , water conservation, and developing community programs.

I learned several new things while reading this book; however, the writing style is a bit dry.  I thought the book was helpful overall and would recommend it.

I give the book a B+


3 thoughts on “Go Green – Book Review

      • If you see from there how much the hype about carbon footprint is worth, please do progress towards the last two chapters of the book. To those who believe in Jesus and then continue to do His will, there will be a pristine new earth set in new heavens. Therein lies the hope and the comfort. I do not say we should be acting irresponsible here, but much of the CO2 hype forgets that earth is cursed and that man’s contribution is miniscule. We can in no way save this planet as it will be toast. We cannot change that. Ice fields (other substances than water) are melting on other planets where there also is global warming.


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