Sleep Walkers Who Kill – A Documentary


I found the documentary Sleep Walkers Who Kill on Netflix.  I was intrigued by the title, because some of my family members have been known to sleep walk.

They usually do funny things in their sleep and we just laugh about it the next day (for example:  eating an entire box of cookies or flushing clothes down the toilet).  The one thing they have in common is a lack of awareness of what they were doing at the time and they often don’t remember the event.

What if someone has a sleep walking disorder mixed with night terrors?  What if this combination causes them to attack their loved ones?  What if they actually kill someone in their sleep?  Should they be arrested and sent to prison or should they be required to undergo psychiatric treatment and be allowed to maintain their freedom?


10 thoughts on “Sleep Walkers Who Kill – A Documentary

  1. Good questions. My husband gets up at times of extreme fatigue and thrashes around our bedroom looking for the bathroom. I have to take him by the hand and lead him to it. Then I have to help him back to bed. It’s funny but scary at the same time.

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  2. Unfortunately, that is the problem with society . . . IMO, we make judgements based on nothing. This post and question is like things on social media . . . just a tiny snippet of something without any context . . . yet we all are ready to judge and give our opinion — JUST LIKE I AM DOING NOW!

    I think that there should not be a “they”. I don’t know. If we were to look at each incident individually and then decide what should happen, that seems more accurate.

    An exhausted mother with a sick child and a new born baby, wanders next door and takes a baseball bat to the inconsiderate person who plays electric guitar at screeching volumes all night long . . . . maybe she should not get tried at all.

    The convicted felon who just got out on parole who shoots his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, making it his THIRD homicide . . . maybe he should get tried with first degree murder, throwing out the “I was sleep walking” defense entirely.

    I’ll have to watch the film.


    • The film talks about people with sleeping disorders that can be proven in sleep labs. Also, none of the sleep walking killers had any history of crime. I posted the questions to get people thinking about the subject and as a recommendation for the documentary.


      • Yup. Memes and snippets of videos do the same thing, right?

        I feel you succeeded, yes? Got people thinking about it . . . as I said, I would need to know more about each case before I could say, yes/no they should all go to prison or be allowed to undergo psychiatric treatment and maintain their freedom. And I want to see the film. Bravo!


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