Wasp – Up Close and Personal


I took this photo yesterday.  When taking a closeup photo of a wasp, I tend to get a bit nervous.  I don’t want to do anything to spoke it or make it angry.   They tend to be a bit cantankerous to begin with, so you have to be really careful.

The wasp sting is a lot more painful than a bee sting.  I have personal experience on this matter.

Any way, the photo came out okay.  It’s not one of my better pictures, but it is still a fairly good photo.

13 thoughts on “Wasp – Up Close and Personal

  1. Wasps are straight from the pit. Had a home one home before with a fence line. Lots of wonderful vines and it was beautiful. But it housed these mud dauber Wasps. Nasty fellows. In ridding my home of them, I had to destroy my vines in the process. Straight from the pit

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  2. Those orangy ones are the absolute meanest! In my work, wasps are a way of life. We tell new guys..”It’s not if you get stung, but when.” But, the red and orange ones will chase a fellow down. It’s not enough to just let them be; they want vengeance!


  3. rockalot1 says:

    I think it’s a great shot. I don’t blame you for being nervous around wasps. I got buzzed by a hornet the other day…that was fun, NOT!

    Thanks for stopping by my site…



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