Mortified Nation


I found Mortified Nation on Netflix.  The documentary shows adults reading journals or diaries they wrote as teenagers.

I was constantly laughing during the show.  I wasn’t laughing at the person, instead I was laughing at how they believed the world to be as teenagers and at how I also had many of those same ideas.  In a way, I was also laughing at myself.

I forgot what it was like to be a teenager.  I forgot how scary it was to have all those first time experiences.  I forgot how confused I was about how to survive in this world.

The documentary ends with a reminder:  We are all freaks, we are all fragile, and we all survived.

8 thoughts on “Mortified Nation

  1. So true. In fact, I don’t have to go that far back to laugh at myself. Even the last 15-20 years have been a journey or discovering and re-discovering, creating and re-creating self.. Growing! Fun! 😄

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  2. When I need something to watch I need to remember to look at your blog. You have interesting “recommendations” or “shares” of what you have watched. I need to remember this one and the sleep walking killers.

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